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All Manicures include a salt and oil scrub for skin & nail hydration

Luscious ManicureThis treatment includes a soak, expert shaping of the nails- seasonal scrub with a hydrating massage with a color of your choice.    



Luscious French -   Manicure with a French Tip, exfoliation with products from the Dead Sea




Luscious Man ManiOur manicure designed for him includes a soak with expert shaping of the nails with a moisturizing massage and finished with a nice shinny buff of the nails



Polish Change 





Nail Art




All manicures given at Luscious Nails nail salon are 100% guaranteed. We will make sure you get the manicure you are looking for. If we can’t get it right you don’t pay us. We don't just get you in and get you out. We take the time and care that is required to give the perfect manicures. Your manicure is just as important to us as it is to you probably even more so since our reputation depends on it. We value your business and want you as a customer for life! We know that once you visit us once you’ll keep coming back.



Luscious Nails nail salon has perfected the art of the manicure. It is not about just going through the motions with us. There is an art to giving the perfect manicure. Sure we could be like all of the other nail salons around and just give you a quick and cheap manicure. If that’s what you want, please frequent another nail salon. We want clients that value the quality of our work the way we do. The Luscious Nails manicures are all about the quality of the work and the quality of the experience we provide. You will feel comfortable and at ease as you experience probably the best manicure you’ve ever had.


From the hand massage to the cuticle oil to application of polish the Luscious Nails manicures are renowned throughout the northwest. If you like the products we use then I suggest you ask us about them. These products are available in our nail salon as well as on the website.


Please feel free to let us know how we did for you by giving us a friendly review. Just follow the link on left side of the page. 


Thanks for your patronage and we look forward to helping you with your manicures.